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Video - SISIS-Varibrush-for-Synthetic-Turf
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Varibrush for Synthetic Turf

A demonstration video of the SISIS Varibrush used for artificial and synthetic turf maintenance. The SISIS Varibrush is a tractor mounted multiple-action brush which is effective on natural turf and synthetic turf and is suitable for a wide range of applications from sports field, artificia and synthetic turf to amenities and lawns.

Video - SISIS-Litamina-and-Litamisa-sweepers-for-golf-course-maintenance
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Litamina & Litamisa sweepers for golf course maintenance

The SISIS Litamina 1200 & 1500 and Litamisa 1800 are tractor mounted compact sweepers and collector for collecting all types of surface debris from fine turf and outfield turf. Its effective sweeping brushes mean it is ideal for sports field maintenance, in particular golf courses.

Video - SISIS-Multitiner-MT4-for-Fine-Turfs
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Multitiner MT4 for Fine Turfs

The SISIS Multitiner 1.2m is a tractor mounted drum-type aerator for use on fine turf and sports fields, and it is well suited to a range of applications from sports field maintenance to lawns and amenities.

Effective aeration improves drainage, reduces turf compacting, thatch build up and boosts the health of lawns and the Multitiner 1.2m is an ideal tool to provide top class lawn treatment.

Video - SISIS-Brush-Pro-for-Synthetic-Turf
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Brush-Pro for Synthetic Turf

This video demonstrates the SISIS Brush-Pro in action for synthetic turf maintenance. The Sisis Brush-Pro is a ride-on brushing system comprising a pair of mid mounted oscillating units and three rear mounted brush units that that have been specifically designed for maintaining synthetic surfaces.

Video - SISIS-Tractor-Mounted-Sweepers-for-Golf-Courses-and-Sports-Pitches.
Thursday 3 November 2022

SISIS Tractor Mounted Sweepers for Golf Courses and Sports Pitches.

Designed for large areas such as golf courses and sports pitches whether it is following scarifying, collecting cores or simply collecting leaves or litter.