Howardson Group History

  • Today

    Continued Innovation

    Our passion lies with innovation and we are investing heavily in electrifying many of our petrol range products across all the brands. We continually review existing products with our customers and make design improvements to meet their needs. We also have a few exciting new products that we are developing to bring to market. Watch this space!

  • 2023

    Howardson Group Limited

    To reflect the new era of 5 brands under one family business we decided to update the business name to Howardson Group Limited. We felt this helped to bring all the brands together in a more clear way.

  • 2022

    Lloyds and Hunter Grinders

    The rights to build Lloyds mowers and Hunter Grinders was purchased in December 2022. The entire stock and production has been moved up from Letchworth to our site here in Kirk Langley. This is an exciting opportunity for the Howardson Group because these are complementary brands that will support our existing customer base. We already use Hunter Grinders in our on-site cylinder and bottom-blade workshop to achieve the top quality cut customers all over the world expect from a Dennis Mower.

  • 2014


    Syn-Pro synthetic turf line was launched in 2013. This is a product line designed to clean and maintain synthetic surfaces.

  • 2011


    On the 4th January 2011 Howardson Group Ltd acquired the rights to the Sisis brand. Sisis have been manufacturers of natural and artificial turf maintenance equipment since 1932 including pedestrian and tractor mounted scarifires, aerators, sweepers and slitters. This is a complementary product range to sit alongside Dennis, providing the groundcare industry with a truly comprehensive range of British manufactured products.

  • 1996

    Howardson Limited

    In 1996, to mark the take over of the 3rd generation of the family business by Ian Howard, the company was re-named to Howardson Limited.

  • 1981


    In the 1970s there was a downturn in the sub-contract machining market and the second generation of Howardson Group Limited, Phillip Howard, recognised a need for manufacturing our own end product in order to secure the future of the business.
    In 1981 Godstone Dennis was in difficulties due to dropping sales and a lack of new product to fight the competition and so later that year Dennis Mowers was sold to Howardson Group Ltd and all stock and production moved to Derby.

  • 1938

    Family Business Established

    Howard's Engineering (Derby) Co. was established in 1938 by Wilfred Howard, the first generation of our family business. The business began it's life on our site in Kirk Langley as a petrol station and a car maintenance garage. He then expanded this to a subcontract engineering business, specialising in jig and tool work.